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Life of a Web Developer

A builder at heart; I love analyzing data, hunting down potential solutions, and building out new ideas. Most of my server-side scripting experience is in PHP and LAMP environments but I have dabbled in other languages and setups. As a Web Developer, I make use of HTML/CSS/JavaScript on top of PHP/MYSQL for most projects.

I believe in building websites that have high usability across desktop browsers and mobile devices, comply with current search engine friendly standards, and are optimized for speed and conversion. I believe in building the right website for the situation and not forcing an idea to fit into a pre-built template.

The best way to reach me is through this contact form or by sending an email to, but you can also find me in the usual places like LinkedIn and Facebook. Currently, I am accepting new clients and have room for one small to mid-size project. If you have an idea, let's talk!

Work Examples

GoTickets - An Online Ticket Broker

Project: GoTickets

Type of Work:

Everything. I have worked with content management, usability, SEO, SEM, site redesigns, email marketing, server-side development, and stand-alone web tools. Everything from front-end styling to CMS functionality to server-side tools and data management.

Check them out at

Premiere Sports Travel - Industry Leader in Major Sporting Event Travel Packages

Project: Sports Travel

Type of Work:

Mostly styling and UX, but also some back-end functionality and API implementation.

Check them out at

On The Double Locksmith - A Local Family Run Locksmithing Business

Project: On The Double Locksmith

Type of Work:

A ground-up rebuild of an existing site including all styling and content.

Check them out at On The Double Locksmith

Something Custom Printed - A Local Familty Run Print Shop

Project: Something Custom Printed

Type of Work:

A brand new site for a brand new company including all design and content.

Check them out at Something Custom Printed

Wallace Creech and Co. - General Contractor Raleigh NC

Project: Wallace Creech and Co.

Type of Work:

Site redesign and CPC marketing campaign.

Check them out at Wallace Creech and Company

You@Duke Project

Project: You@Duke

Type of Work:

Custom sites built for a combined research project between four major universities.

Check them out at
The Fourtitude Project

Let's Talk

I like to work on building new sites, renovating old sites, web-based tools, and any idea you have to help your business grow online. I'd love to talk about your next project, shoot me a line and lets talk.